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Massage Modalities offered here at Portal

Swedish – Feeling like you have tired muscles, need to relax from the stress in the world?  This can help you find a peaceful place to relax and enjoy long gliding movements that encourage circulation, bring nutrients to achy muscles and flush free radicals out of the body.  You will emerge feeling rested and hydrated.  This modality can range from light to firm in pressure. $70.00

Deep Tissue – Do you have knots in your body that compromise your range of motion or press on a nerve causing throbbing pressure?  This technique involves some Swedish moves but does provide a stripping effect on and around knotted areas.  Using more direct deep pressure to a muscle takes away toxins that have become stuck to muscles and tells the body this place needs extra nutrients now. Pressure should be medium to deep mix with the Swedish influence. $80.00

Reflexology – This modality is performed on the feet, hand and ears to influence the nerves connected to the functional organs as will as the muscle groups of the body.  The pressure is mainly light and includes some range of motion. $70.00

Stretching – Frozen should, knee or hips?  A custom session of PNF and/or basic stretches and range of motion techniques are applied to improve overall flexibility by breaking up the fascia and delivering oxygen to the muscles.  Little pressure is given from therapist other than client’s body weight, gravity and possible resistance techniques. $70.00

The best massage therapy Pearland, TX has to offer!

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Portal Bodyworks provides quality therapeutic massage and body work for the enhancement of health and well-being to health-minded individuals. Call us today to experience the best massage in Pearland, TX.

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We are pleased and excited about the positive changes that we have made in the lives of our clients and look forward to introducing you to the benefits of massage.

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